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Project Description Owner Last Change
alsa-driver.nomirror.git Old ALSA driver repository... GIT server 6 years ago
alsa-firmware.git ALSA firmware repository GIT server 8 months ago
alsa-gi.git Gobject Introspection library... GIT server 3 months ago
alsa-hda-tools.git Tools for the Linux High Defin... GIT server 8 years ago
alsa-kernel.git Official ALSA project GIT... GIT server 2 weeks ago
alsa-kmirror.git ALSA kernel mirror repository GIT server 6 years ago
alsa-kprivate.git This is just linux-2.6 kernel... GIT server 4 years ago
alsa-lib.git ALSA library repository GIT server 4 days ago
alsa-oss.git ALSA to OSS conversion layer... GIT server 5 weeks ago
alsa-plugins.git ALSA library plugins GIT server 2 weeks ago
alsa-python.git Official ALSA python binding GIT server 10 months ago
alsa-tools.git ALSA tools repository GIT server 4 months ago
alsa-ucm-conf.git ALSA UseCaseManager configurat... GIT server 8 years ago
alsa-utils.git ALSA utilities repository GIT server 5 days ago
alsa.git ALSA repository for misc stuff... GIT server 15 months ago
sound-open-firmware-tools.git Tools for open firmware for... GIT server 7 months ago
sound-open-firmware.git Open firmware for sound hardware GIT server 5 months ago
tinycompress.git A library to handle compressed... GIT server 5 weeks ago