alsa-info: Look for string "snd_"
[alsa-driver.git] / alsa / utils /
2014-02-26 Takashi Iwaialsa-info: Look for string "snd_" build
2013-08-09 David Henningssonalsa-info: Run without lspci (if there is no pci bus)
2013-05-21 Jaroslav updated to 0.4.62
2013-01-24 Takashi Show HD-audio hints sysfs contents
2012-09-17 David Henningssonalsa-info: Bump version to 0.4.61
2012-09-17 David Henningssonalsa-info: Add roaraudio sound server detection
2012-09-17 David Henningssonalsa-info: Cosmetic heading fixup
2012-09-17 Chris Van Hoofalsa-info: adding system firmware version to the defaul...
2012-09-17 Jaroslav DMI - show also system version string
2012-09-17 David HenningssonAlsa-info: Fix typo
2012-09-17 Jaroslav Add usbmixer proc file to output
2012-09-17 Takashi Iwaialsa-info: Version bump to 0.4.58
2012-09-17 Takashi Iwaialsa-info: use mktemp -t
2012-09-17 Takashi Iwaialsa-info: Check errors from mktemp
2012-09-17 Takashi Iwaialsa-info: revert the behavior of update option
2012-09-17 Takashi Iwaialsa-info: Add --output option
2012-09-17 Takashi Iwaialsa-info: Fix usage output
2012-09-17 Takashi Iwaialsa-info: Run the new update script automatically
2012-09-17 Ozan Çağlayanalsa-info: Use sysfs if available instead of dmidecode
2012-09-17 Wu include 1 line of dmesg context
2012-09-17 Wu add dmesg info on ALSA/HDA
2012-09-17 Takashi Iwaialsa-info: Version bump to 0.4.57
2012-09-17 Wu introduce withall()
2012-09-17 Wu let mv fail loudly
2012-09-17 Wu fix whitespace leaked to stdout
2012-09-17 Wu Do not automatically upload alsa info
2012-09-17 Ozan Çağ Provide system manufacturer and product...
2012-09-17 Luke use distros package manager to retrieve...
2012-09-17 Luke add command-line flag to print alsa info...
2012-09-17 Takashi IwaiAdd HD-audio sysfs contents to alsa-info output
2012-09-17 Takashi Iwaialsa-info - Refactoring
2012-09-17 Takashi Iwaialsa-info - Fix typos
2012-09-17 David Henningssonalsa-info - Check process detection
2012-09-17 Jaroslav use mktemp to make temporary directory...
2012-09-17 Travis - added extra checks
2012-09-17 Jaroslav check if script can be overwritten in...
2012-09-17 Luis Yanesalsa-info - Fix quoting
2012-09-17 Jaroslav Add output from 'amixer info'
2012-09-17 Jaroslav fix --pastebin option
2012-09-17 Jaroslav - upload to, alsactl...
2008-06-10 Jaroslav Fix "official" URL for changelog and...
2008-06-10 Jaroslav Use new "official" URL for updates
2008-06-09 Travis PlaceFixed the URL to download
2008-06-06 Takashi IwaiAdd to this package