descriptionOld ALSA driver repository - without the actual kernel code
ownerGIT server
last changeMon, 23 Jul 2012 12:57:36 +0000 (14:57 +0200)
2012-07-23 Takashi IwaiFix the build of snd-pmac driver with older kernel master
2012-07-23 Takashi IwaiMove of_platform_device hack for snd-aoa driver to...
2012-07-23 Takashi IwaiYet more fix for snd-aoa build
2012-07-23 Takashi IwaiYet more fix for snd-aoa builds with older kernels
2012-07-23 Takashi IwaiFix a typo in aoa/soundbus/i2sbus/core.patch
2012-07-20 Takashi IwaiAdd missing headers for building snd-aoa
2012-07-20 Takashi IwaiFix build of snd-aoa driver with older drivers
2012-07-20 Takashi IwaiFix build error between 2.6.29..2.6.32
2012-07-20 Takashi IwaiFix build of old isa_driver wrapper
2012-07-20 Takashi IwaiAdd wrappers for new pm_ops for PCI driver and platform...
2012-07-19 Takashi IwaiClean up export-objs and isapnp-files from Makefiles
2012-07-19 Takashi IwaiYet more 2.2/2.4 kernel removals
2012-07-19 Takashi IwaiUpdate .gitignore
2012-07-19 Takashi IwaiMore cleanup for 2.2/2.4 build removals
2012-07-19 Takashi IwaiGet rid of 2.2/2.4 build codes
2012-07-19 Takashi IwaiFix build of tea575x-tuner.c with older kernel
6 years ago v1.0.25 Release v1.0.25
7 years ago v1.0.24 Release v1.0.24
8 years ago v1.0.23 Release v1.0.23
8 years ago v1.0.22.1 Release v1.0.22.1
8 years ago v1.0.22 move tag v1.0.22 (add 2.4 kernel...
8 years ago v1.0.21 Release v1.0.21
9 years ago v1.0.20 Release v1.0.20
9 years ago v1.0.19 Release v1.0.19
9 years ago v1.0.18a Release v1.0.18a
9 years ago v1.0.18 Release v1.0.18
9 years ago v1.0.18rc3 Release v1.0.18rc3
9 years ago v1.0.18rc1 Release v1.0.18rc1
9 years ago v1.0.17 Release v1.0.17
9 years ago v1.0.17rc3 Release v1.0.17rc3
9 years ago v1.0.17rc2 Release v1.0.17rc2
9 years ago v1.0.17rc1 Release v1.0.17rc1
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