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last changeTue, 24 Jul 2012 09:22:08 +0000 (11:22 +0200)
2012-07-24 Mark BrownASoC: dapm: Fix _PRE and _POST events for DAPM performa... master
2012-07-24 David HenningssonALSA: hda - add dock support for Thinkpad X230 Tablet
2012-07-24 Dylan ReidALSA: hda - Turn on PIN_OUT from hdmi playback prepare.
2012-07-24 Torben Hohnsound: ASoC imx-audmux: add MX31_AUDMUX_PORT7_SSI_PINS_...
2012-07-24 Mark BrownASoC: littlemill: Add userspace control of the WM1250 I/O
2012-07-24 Mark BrownASoC: wm8994: Update micdet for irqdomain conversion
2012-07-24 David HenningssonALSA: hda - make sure alc268 does not OOPS on codec...
2012-07-24 David HenningssonALSA: hda - Add support for Realtek ALC282
2012-07-24 Sylwester NawrockiASoC: Convert S3C2412 I2S driver to gpiolib API
2012-07-24 Sylwester NawrockiASoC: Convert S3C24XX I2S driver to gpiolib API
2012-07-24 Marek BeliskoASoC: dapm: Fix compilation warning
2012-07-24 Mark BrownASoC: wm8962: Redo early init of the part on resume
2012-07-24 Matthias KaehlckeASoC: Free memory in the error paths of soc_of_parse_au...
2012-07-24 Mark BrownASoC: wm5110: Add audio CODEC driver
2012-07-24 Dan CarpenterASoC: STA529: fix an error message
2012-07-24 Mark BrownASoC: arizona: Support variable FLL VCO multipliers
6 years ago v1.0.25 Release v1.0.25
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9 years ago v1.0.18a Release v1.0.18a
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9 years ago v1.0.18rc3 Release v1.0.18rc3
9 years ago v1.0.18rc1 Release: v1.0.18rc1
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9 years ago v1.0.17rc3 Release: 1.0.17rc3
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