conf: Move UCM profile snippets into components subdirectory
[alsa-lib.git] / acinclude.m4
2004-01-26 Takashi Iwaifixed for the recent autoconf.
2003-03-07 Jaroslav KyselaAutomake cleanups.
2003-03-05 Jaroslav KyselaFixed reading of extraver
2002-10-09 Takashi Iwaiduplicated the required alsa-kernel header files into...
2002-09-17 Jaroslav Kysela- unified snd_pcm_hw_params_* functions
2001-11-24 Jaroslav KyselaMove pre before alpha
2001-11-24 Jaroslav KyselaAdded EXTRASTR and EXTRAVER
2001-10-04 Jaroslav KyselaFixed SUBMINOR generation
2001-05-09 Jaroslav KyselaChanged linux/ to sound/ in #include
2001-02-25 Abramo BagnaraUpdated version number
2001-01-30 Jaroslav KyselaUpdated for the new driver defines
2000-09-26 Abramo BagnaraAdded rewind to API in place of appl_ptr(). Moved aserv...
2000-09-24 Jaroslav KyselaMerged pcmplug branch.
2000-09-12 Jaroslav Kyseladriver detection fix
2000-08-29 Takashi IwaiAdd --with-kernel in configure script to specify the...
2000-06-25 Abramo BagnaraCompilation fix
2000-06-10 Abramo BagnaraChanged ALSA unit from bytes to frames. Splitted mmap...
2000-06-05 Abramo BagnaraFollowed ioctl rename
2000-05-27 Jaroslav KyselaChanged driver detection
2000-05-08 Jaroslav KyselaMerged pcm2 branch.
1999-11-07 Jaroslav KyselaFixed small bug in subminor version parsing..
1999-07-22 Tim Janik* update to libtool 1.3.3
1999-05-02 Jaroslav KyselaMixer v2.0 merged to the main CVS tree...
1999-03-08 Jaroslav KyselaMerged new-mixer branch...
1998-11-29 Jaroslav Kysela0.3.0pre1 driver checking
1998-11-29 Jaroslav KyselaLittle change in SUBMINOR...
1998-11-21 Jaroslav KyselaCorrected version for include/version.h and utils/alsa...
1998-11-18 Chris CannamI misunderstood the purpose of alsa.m4 - apologies...
1998-11-18 Chris CannamSwitch to automake and libtool