conf: Move UCM profile snippets into components subdirectory
[alsa-lib.git] / modules /
2018-03-27 Jaroslav Kyselamodules: smixer_python - add support for python3
2017-11-27 Jaroslav build extra mixer modules conditionally
2017-11-27 Jaroslav KyselaChange snd_dlopen() function to return the error string
2017-11-14 Jaroslav KyselaChange FSF address (Franklin Street)
2016-11-14 Takashi Iwaimixer: Don't install smixer modules unless python is...
2016-07-11 Takashi Sakamotomixer: remove assignment to unused variable
2014-09-23 Renu Tyagisbase: fixed missing free
2014-02-26 Patrick Welcheautotools: update style
2011-05-04 Sudarshan Bishtalsa-lib: fixed coverity reported issues under "FORWARD...
2009-01-21 Takashi IwaiAdd missing -ldl to modules/mixer/simple/*
2008-11-21 Diego E. 'Flameeye... Make sure that python libraries are passed through...
2008-11-21 Diego E. 'Flameeye... Check for --no-undefined linker flag and use it.
2008-04-21 Jaroslav Kyselaimplemented integer volume <-> dB volume conversion...
2008-03-07 Pawel MOLLFix for alsa-lib cross-compilation problems with ALSA_C...
2007-12-04 Jaroslav Kyselafix write in simple mixer API - python backends
2007-10-15 Jaroslav KyselaChanged Jaroslav Kysela's e-mail from
2007-09-12 Jaroslav Kyselachanged python-incdir to python-includes for
2007-08-31 Takashi IwaiFix a typo
2007-08-31 Jaroslav Kyselaimproved python detection and added --with-pythonincdir...
2007-08-30 Jaroslav Kyselaalsa simple mixer - python basic abstraction - simplifi...
2007-07-11 Jaroslav Kyselamixer simple basic abstraction - added python binding
2007-05-03 Takashi IwaiAdd config and plugin directory options to configure
2005-12-16 Takashi IwaiFix compile warnings
2005-11-30 Takashi IwaiAllow partial build with selected components
2005-08-23 Takashi IwaiAllow separate build and source trees
2005-08-22 Jaroslav Kyselamoved simple mixer abstraction modules to modules/mixer...