2014-02-18 David Henningssonconf: Add basic infrastructure for 2.1 surround sound
2014-02-11 Riku Voipioalsa-lib: heavy pcm atomics cleanup
2014-01-24 Olivier Langloispcm: use CLOCK_REALTIME for non-monotonic ts
2014-01-23 Takashi Iwaipcm: initialize monotonic field for dshare and dsnoop...
2014-01-23 Olivier Langloispcm: initialize pcm_dmix monotonic field
2014-01-22 Ivan Sorokincontrol_hw: fix potential memory leak
2014-01-06 Olivier Langloisalsa-lib: minor typo in pcm doc
2013-12-13 Olivier Langloisminor malloc changes
2013-11-27 Takashi Iwaidmix: Don't use assert() and abort()
2013-11-18 Andrey Mazopcm_file: document new argument to snd_pcm_file_open().
2013-11-17 Andrey Mazopcm_file: don't touch infile on playback and output...
2013-11-17 Andrey Mazopcm_file: fixed memory leak.
2013-11-17 Andrey Mazopcm_file: fix SEGFAULT if file option is missing while...
2013-11-08 Timo Teräsconf.c: use portable way to initialize recursive mutex
2013-11-08 Jaroslav Kyselainclude/global.h - don't define timeval and timespec...
2013-11-04 Takashi Iwaitest/chmap: Add missing usage text for -s option
2013-10-11 John Spencerlocal.h: include sys/types.h to fix issues with pcm.h
2013-10-07 Waldemar Brodkorbremove unnecessary/obsolete compat/hsearch_r.c
2013-10-01 Stephen Warrensnd_tlv_convert_from_dB: fix decreasing gain across...
2013-09-26 Anssi HannulaHDA-Intel: present up to 8 HDMI/DP outputs via "hdmi...
2013-09-19 David HenningssonFix access of freed memory in namehints
2013-08-22 Kai KangUpdate iatomic.h functions definitions for mips
2013-08-19 Adrian Knothhdspm.h: Update LTC ioctl to use struct hdspm_ltc
2013-08-08 Arun RaghavanUCM: Document some standard values
2013-08-08 Laurentiu Nicolapcm: Fix a wrong value shown in the error message in...
2013-07-31 Przemek Rudyconf/cards: add Audio Advantage Micro II
2013-07-23 Jaroslav Kyselalocal.h: use __kernel_off_t from <linux/types.h>
2013-07-08 Jaroslav KyselaRelease v1.0.27.2 v1.0.27.2
2013-06-14 Krzysztof Hałasapcm_direct: fix SEGFAULT when getgrnam_r() returns...
2013-06-14 David Henningssonpcm_hw: Fix buffer overflow in chmap
2013-06-05 David Henningssonchmap: Always succeed setting the map to what it already is
2013-06-04 Jaroslav Kyselapcm_direct: fix the memory leak when parsing the slave...
2013-05-30 David Henningssonpcm_plugin: Fix return value of snd_pcm_rewind
2013-05-30 David Henningssonpcm_hw: Remove unused fields in struct
2013-05-24 Takashi IwaiAllow specifying the max number of cards
2013-05-24 Juho Hämäläinenucm: Fix segfault when device argument is missing from...
2013-05-23 Jordi Mallachpcm: Fix typo in documentation: PREPARE → PREPARED.
2013-05-21 Jaroslav KyselaRelease v1.0.27.1 v1.0.27.1
2013-05-16 Olivier LangloisRemove an obsolete macro in
2013-05-16 Jordi MallachFix several spelling errors for “writable” and derivatives.
2013-05-16 Steve LangasekCompile in the ALSA search path instead of relying...
2013-05-16 Jordi MallachAdd AM_MAINTAINER_MODE.
2013-05-14 Dylan Reidconf/ucm: DAISY-I2S: Set default filter mode for HiFi.
2013-05-14 Takashi Iwaiconf/ucm: Set up for installation
2013-05-14 Marcin Juszkiewiczconf/ucm: tegraalc5632: add UCM config from Ubuntu
2013-05-14 Marcin Juszkiewiczconf/ucm: SDP4430: add UCM config from Ubuntu
2013-05-14 Marcin Juszkiewiczconf/ucm: PandaBoardES: add UCM config from Ubuntu
2013-05-14 Marcin Juszkiewiczconf/ucm: PandaBoard: add UCM config from Ubuntu
2013-05-14 Marcin Juszkiewiczconf/ucm: DAISY-I2S: add Samsung ARM Chromebook UCM...
2013-05-13 Clemens Ladischseqmid: restore sequencer address prefix match feature
2013-04-26 David Henningssonconf - Add Scarlett 2i2 USB to S/PDIF blacklist
2013-04-25 Takashi IwaiAdd definition of __inline__ for non-GCC
2013-04-25 Takashi IwaiUse __inline__ for exported headers
2013-04-18 Daniel Mackbring pcm.h and pcm.c in sync with the kernel list
2013-04-18 Daniel Mackpcm.c: fix indentation
2013-04-15 Takashi IwaiFix doubly call of dlclose() in dlobj caching code
2013-04-11 Jaroslav KyselaRelease v1.0.27 v1.0.27
2013-04-11 Jaroslav Kyselacontrol: enhance doc for snd_ctl_ascii_value_parse...
2013-04-09 Takashi IwaiOptimize NULL check in snd_dlobj_cache_put()
2013-04-09 Takashi IwaiClean up dlobj cache only when no user is present
2013-04-09 Jaroslav Kyselapcm: direct plugins: do more safe IPC semaphore handling
2013-04-08 Jaroslav Kyselaall places: doxygen cleanups
2013-04-08 Jaroslav Kyselacontrol, pcm: implement snd_ctl_abort() and snd_pcm_abo...
2013-04-05 Daniel Svenssonpcm: fix typo, should be SND_PCM_STATE_PREPARED.
2013-04-02 David HenningssonUSB-audio: Add "HP Digital Stereo Headset" to SPDIF...
2013-03-20 Jaroslav Kyselapcm: fix and optimize snd_pcm_areas_copy function
2013-02-26 Sander Jansensnd_mixer_poll_descriptors_revents should loop over...
2013-02-21 Takashi IwaiAdd workaround for conflicting IEC958 controls for...
2013-02-21 Takashi Iwaicontrol: Simplify using snd_config_get_bool()
2013-02-12 David HenningssonAdd sys/types.h to include list
2013-02-01 Allan Wirthconf: Fix a memory access violation resulting from...
2013-01-31 Jerome Forissiersnd_device_name_hint(): do not use global snd_config.
2013-01-31 Jerome Forissiersnd_device_name_hint(): do not change the global error...
2013-01-31 Jerome ForissierAdd snd_lib_error_set_local() to install a thread-local...
2013-01-30 Jerome Forissiersnd_pcm_direct_parse_open_conf(): use thread-safe getgr...
2013-01-28 Tanu Kaskinenucm: Set uc_mgr->ctl to NULL after closing it.
2012-12-15 Olivier Blinconfigure: do not detect incorrect cross-compiler
2012-12-13 Takashi IwaiFix endian check in local.h
2012-12-07 Takashi Iwaimixer: Don't build simple_abst when no libdl is available
2012-12-07 Takashi Iwaiconfigure: Quite AM_CONDITIONAL() arguments
2012-12-04 Takashi IwaiPCM: Fix conflict of _snd_pcm_hw_params definitions
2012-11-30 Takashi IwaiAdd workaround for conflicting snd_seq_event_t definitions
2012-11-26 Takashi IwaiPCM: shut up a compile "unused parameter" compile warni...
2012-11-26 Takashi IwaiPCM: Add more chmap definitions for UAC2
2012-11-26 Takashi IwaiMerge kernel uapi/sound/asound.h and asequencer.h
2012-11-13 Takashi IwaiPCM: Avoid busy loop in snd_pcm_write_areas() with...
2012-10-30 Jaroslav KyselaReduce compilation warnings
2012-10-30 Jaroslav KyselaPCM: Fix memory leak for pcm empty and asym plugins
2012-10-28 Clemens Ladischpcm: fix 64-bit SNDRV_PCM_IOCTL_STATUS ABI breakage
2012-10-24 Pierre-Louis... pcm: support for audio timestamps
2012-10-10 Takashi IwaiPCM: Fix the invalid snd_pcm_close() calls in rate...
2012-09-22 Takashi IwaiUpdate .gitignore
2012-09-22 Pierre-Louis... test: add audio_time
2012-09-21 Takashi IwaiPCM: Fix infinite loop in htimestamp of dmix, dsnoop...
2012-09-20 Takashi IwaiPCM: Fill SND_CHMAP_NA to silent channels in route...
2012-09-13 Takashi IwaiPCM: A few doxygen fixes for chmap stuff
2012-09-13 Takashi IwaiPCM: Fix the conversion from string to chmap position
2012-09-13 Takashi IwaiPCM: Define MONO and other channel map positions
2012-09-13 Takashi Iwaitest/chmap: Fix wrong malloc size
2012-09-13 Takashi Iwaiconf: Add chmap definitions to TRIDENT and SI7018 confi...