2009-10-06 Jaroslav Kyselaascenario: Fix function declaration changes ascenario
2009-10-06 Jaroslav Kyselaascenario: rewrite header file and change C interface
2009-10-06 Jaroslav Kysela[PATCH] ascenario: Add scenario support to alsa-lib
2009-10-06 Jaroslav Kyselahcontrol: fix compare_default function to handle also...
2009-09-30 Stefan Schmidtalisp: Comment out an unused function to avoid compiler...
2009-09-30 Stefan Schmidtpcm_rate_linear: Annotate unused function parameter...
2009-09-30 Stefan Schmidtcontrol: Remove unused variable.
2009-09-30 Stefan Add m4 check for new AM_SILENT_RULES
2009-09-30 Stefan Schmidtcvscompile: Remove in favour of gitcompile.
2009-09-28 Takashi Iwaidmix - Fix snd_pcm_info()
2009-09-11 Kai Vehmanenpcm_hw: Always use delay ioctl in snd_pcm_delay()
2009-09-09 Jaroslav KyselaRelease v1.0.21a v1.0.21a
2009-09-09 Takashi IwaiPCM - Change the hw_params determination order
2009-09-09 Jaroslav KyselaChange dmix.conf to accept user configuration from...
2009-09-09 Jaroslav KyselaRevert "Fix driver conf parsing in snd_config_hook_load...
2009-08-31 Takashi Iwaimixer: Add Speaker and Beep names to the weight list
2009-08-31 Jaroslav KyselaRelease v1.0.21 v1.0.21
2009-08-20 Takashi Iwaipcm/ioplug: fix error code in start callback
2009-08-20 Takashi Iwaipcm: workaround for avoiding automatic start in mmap...
2009-08-10 Takashi IwaiFix driver conf parsing in snd_config_hook_load_for_all...
2009-08-10 Clemens Ladischcontrol.c: snd_ctl_wait: fix revents handling
2009-08-10 Clemens Ladischtimer_query: make ops structure constant
2009-08-10 Clemens Ladischsnd_pcm_scope_set_ops: make ops parameter const
2009-08-10 Takashi IwaiFix zero-division in pcm_rate.c
2009-08-04 Clemens Ladischfix doc errors
2009-08-04 Clemens Ladischdoc: hide structs with typedefs
2009-08-04 Clemens Ladischdoc: fix handling of @top_srcdir@
2009-08-04 Clemens Ladischremove unimplemented functions from headers
2009-08-03 Clemens Ladischadd config tests
2009-07-27 Clemens Ladischconf.c: more documentation
2009-07-17 Clemens Ladischconf.c: rename 'node' to 'config'
2009-07-17 Clemens Ladischconf.c: rename 'leaf' to 'child'
2009-07-17 Clemens Ladischconf.c: rename 'father' to 'parent'
2009-07-15 Clemens Ladischconf.c: snd_config_add: prevent adopting a non-orphan
2009-07-13 Clemens Ladischsound: rawmidi: disable active-sensing-on-close by...
2009-07-13 Clemens LadischUSB-Audio.conf: fix definition for M-Audio AudioPhile...
2009-07-10 Clemens Ladischconf.c: fix handling of NULL string values
2009-07-10 Clemens Ladischconf.c: snd_config_set_id: prevent duplicate ids
2009-07-09 Clemens Ladischconf.c: fix handling of NULL ids
2009-07-08 Clemens Ladischtest/lsb/midi_event.c: check for buffer size check
2009-07-08 Clemens Ladischtest/lsb/midi_event.c: abort on fatal errors
2009-07-06 Takashi IwaiMerge branch 'master' of
2009-07-06 Takashi Iwaitest/pcm.c: float format support
2009-07-06 Clemens Ladischadd midi event tests
2009-07-06 Clemens Ladischmore midi_event documentation
2009-07-06 Takashi Iwaitest/pcm.c: Generic linear PCM support
2009-07-06 Takashi Iwaitest/pcm.c: Fix S24 format
2009-07-03 Kenneth Johanssontest/pcm.c: Sample generation on big endian platforms...
2009-06-30 Paul Fertserpcm_hooks: cosmetic removal of unused variables
2009-06-30 Takashi IwaiManage dlobj lifetime in pcm_hooks.c
2009-06-24 Takashi IwaiMerge branch 'master' of
2009-06-22 Clemens Ladischseq_midi_event: fix decoding of (N)RPN events
2009-06-22 Clemens LadischMIDI event decoder: prevent running status after sysex
2009-06-16 Jaroslav Kyselapcm dmix plugin: fix MIX_AREAS_24 routine for i386...
2009-06-16 Takashi IwaiAdd the support of TLV_DB_MINMAX types
2009-06-09 Takashi IwaiFix SB-Xfi.conf
2009-06-09 Takashi IwaiFix breakage of snd_card_load()
2009-06-02 Takashi IwaiAdd IEC958 status bits support to SB-XFi.conf
2009-06-02 Takashi IwaiQuery the supported rate ranges from rate plugins
2009-06-02 Takashi IwaiAdd config file for SB-XFi driver
2009-05-12 Jaroslav Kyselasnd_card_get_index() - extend comment for last change
2009-05-12 Jaroslav KyselaExtend snd_card_get_index() to accept also control...
2009-05-06 Jaroslav KyselaRelease v1.0.20 v1.0.20
2009-04-23 Takashi IwaiMerge branch 'master' of /export/git/alsa/alsa-lib/
2009-04-21 Jaroslav Kyselapcm: more better documentation for snd_pcm_poll_descriptors
2009-04-09 Jaroslav Kyselapcm_hw plugin: show appl_ptr and hw_ptr in dump() callback
2009-04-08 Jaroslav Kyselapcm_hw plugin: preserve monotonic flag also after snd_p...
2009-03-23 Takashi IwaiAdd route_policy copy to HDA-Intel.conf for capture
2009-03-03 Pavel HofmanChange "%b" to represent bits instead of bytes in PCM...
2009-02-23 Patricio PaezFix typos in ALSA Lib documentation
2009-02-17 Takashi IwaiMerge branch 'master' of
2009-02-17 Takashi IwaiChange numid properly with external ctl plugins
2009-02-17 Clemens Ladischoxygen: remove softvol plugin
2009-02-13 Takashi IwaiAdd hint.device = 0 to pcm.default of HDA-Intel.conf
2009-02-11 Clemens Ladischfix pcm_set_params() documentation
2009-02-02 Takashi IwaiFix misc compile warnings
2009-02-02 Takashi IwaiFix handling of revents in snd_pcm_poll_descriptors_rev...
2009-01-29 Pavel HofmanPCM parameters in file plugin
2009-01-28 Takashi IwaiFix off_t in kernel struct
2009-01-28 Takashi IwaiRemove own "default" PCM config from GUS.conf
2009-01-27 Takashi IwaiFix plug conversion with mmap emulation
2009-01-27 Krzysztof HeltFix GUS.conf to be usable
2009-01-21 Takashi IwaiAdd missing -ldl to modules/mixer/simple/*
2009-01-21 Takashi IwaiFix build with softfloat option
2009-01-19 Jaroslav KyselaRelease v1.0.19 v1.0.19
2009-01-19 Clemens Ladischadd softvol for CMI8788
2009-01-05 Jaroslav KyselaAdd m4/attributes.m4 as dist file..
2008-12-10 Takashi IwaiDon't accept an empty string for $ALSA_CONFIG_PATH
2008-12-04 Takashi IwaiFix softvol access refine
2008-11-26 Takashi IwaiFix snd-pcsp default configuration
2008-11-21 Diego E. 'Flameeyes... Mark static tables as constant when possible.
2008-11-21 Diego E. 'Flameeyes... Make string arrays as constant as possible.
2008-11-21 Diego E. 'Flameeyes... Make all the remaining ops structure constants.
2008-11-21 Diego E. 'Flameeyes... Make all the PCM plugins ops structure constant.
2008-11-21 Diego E. 'Flameeyes... Make snd_pcm_hw_params_names static to pcm_params.c .
2008-11-21 Diego E. 'Flameeyes... Make seq, rawmidi and control operation structures...
2008-11-21 Diego E. 'Flameeyes... Make some static tables and strings constants.
2008-11-21 Diego E. 'Flameeyes... Make sure that python libraries are passed through...
2008-11-21 Diego E. 'Flameeyes... Check for --no-undefined linker flag and use it.
2008-11-21 Diego E. 'Flameeyes... Add the attributes.m4 macro file from xine/lscube.