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4 days ago Timo Wischerpcm: extplug: Keep format and channels the same if... master
2018-11-29 Takashi Iwaiucm: Set default include path
2018-11-28 Takashi Iwaiconf: Move UCM profile snippets into components subdire...
2018-11-28 Hui Wangconf: USB-Audio: Add Dell WD19 Dock in the IEC958 blacklist
2018-11-21 Kirill Marinushkinpcm: dshare: Fix segfault when not binding channel 0
2018-11-13 Laxmi Devipcm: dmix: Add option to allow alignment of slave pointers
2018-11-02 Thomas De Schampheleireutils/alsa.m4: conditionally enable libdl in AM_PATH_AL...
2018-10-24 Jaroslav add link to
2018-10-24 Jaroslav Kyselainitial version of for github
2018-10-24 Jaroslav Kyselainitial version of .travis.yml file
2018-10-24 Timo Wischerpcm: interval: Interpret (x x+1] correctly and return x+1
2018-10-24 Jaroslav Kyselatest/audio_time: remove unused variables
2018-10-24 Jaroslav Kyselatest: rename code to more approriate mixtest
2018-10-24 Jaroslav Kyselatest/code: make it work again
2018-10-24 Jaroslav Kyselatest/latecy: fix typo in tstamp compare
2018-10-18 Takashi Iwaiconf/ucm/Dell-WD15-Dock: Fix incorrect device names
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