2018-07-19 Laxmi Devijack: Only allow ALSA periods multiple of JACKd period master
2018-07-03 Takashi Iwaiconfigure: Require alsa-lib 1.1.6 and newer
2018-07-03 Takashi Iwaijack: Allow build with older alsa-lib
2018-07-03 Timo Wischerjack: Update poll_fd also in draining state
2018-07-03 Timo Wischerjack: Avoid call to snd_pcm_avail_update() from JACK...
2018-05-22 Takashi Iwaiusb_stream: Add explicit -lpthread to *_LIBADD
2018-05-22 Takashi Iwaiarcam-av: Add explicit -lpthread to *_LIBADD
2018-04-16 Jaroslav Kyselaoss/ fix typo
2018-04-16 Jaroslav Kyselaconfigure: change --with-alsaaddondir to --with-alsagco...
2018-04-16 Jaroslav KyselaMove rate-lavc to rate-lav subdirectory and update...
2018-04-13 Jaroslav Kyselaconfig/Makefile: make everything modular
2018-04-05 Jaroslav Kyselaconfigure: add --with-alsaaddondir, add default config...
2018-04-05 Jaroslav Kyselasamplerate: fix unused variable warning
2018-04-03 Jaroslav KyselaRelease v1.1.6 v1.1.6
2018-03-21 Timo Wischerjack: Use correct parameter order for snd_pcm_areas_sil...
2018-03-16 Timo Wischerjack: Report Xruns to user application
2018-03-13 Timo Wischerjack: Do not Xrun the ALSA buffer
2018-02-24 Timo Wischerjack: Use boundary as hw_ptr wrap around
2018-02-08 Timo Wischerjack: Write only valid values to the internal hw_ptr
2017-11-14 Jaroslav KyselaChange FSF address (Franklin Street)
2017-11-14 Jaroslav KyselaRelease v1.1.5 v1.1.5
2017-07-15 Kui Wangpulse: prevent double-free when pulse_hw_constraint...
2017-05-12 Jaroslav KyselaRelease v1.1.4 v1.1.4
2017-05-03 Takashi Iwaiconfigure: Fix detection of avcodec.h
2017-02-17 Mounesh Sutarconfigure: enhancing configuration support for alsa...
2016-03-31 Jaroslav KyselaRelease v1.1.1 v1.1.1
2016-03-09 Daniel Kirchnera52: Fix usage of obsoleted avcodec_*_frame() functions
2016-02-17 Anatol Pomozova52: Make compatible with ffmpeg 3.0
2016-01-28 Tanu Kaskinenpph: include config.h from rate_speexrate.c
2016-01-12 Tom Yana52: fix reported input channel order
2015-11-09 Takashi Iwaispeex: Add missing include config.h
2015-10-27 Jaroslav KyselaRelease v1.1.0 v1.1.0
2015-08-11 Valentin Corfujack: Fixing a small memory leak
2015-07-09 Takashi Iwaipph: Fix build with older speex
2015-07-09 Tanu Kaskinenpph: include speexdsp_types.h, not speex_types.h
2015-05-30 Khem Rajarcam-av: Include sys/select.h for fd_set definition
2015-05-18 Alex Wigginspulse: Add 24 bit data formats to Pulse plugin.
2015-03-18 Takashi Iwaia52: Fix ioplug version ifdef checks
2015-03-18 Takashi Iwaimix: Fix extplug version ifdef checks
2015-03-12 Takashi Iwairate: Allow LGPL for libsamplerate commercial licensee
2015-02-26 Jaroslav KyselaRelease v1.0.29 v1.0.29
2014-11-12 David Henningssona52: Ignore start request if we're already running
2014-08-12 Branan Purvine... jack: Restore PID to jack client name when not specifie...
2014-06-12 Jaroslav KyselaRelease v1.0.28 v1.0.28
2014-06-12 Jaroslav KyselaModernize
2014-06-03 Sergeyjack: fix polling and recovering
2014-03-19 Maarten Baertjack: Use jack_client_open instead of deprecated jack_c...
2014-02-26 Valentin Corfujack: Allow to specify a client name as parameters
2014-01-10 Anton Khirnova52: switch to AV_CODEC_ID identifiers
2014-01-05 David Henningssona52: Propagate errors from hw
2013-10-09 Takashi Iwaia52: Add chmap support
2013-10-09 Takashi Iwaia52: Fix build error with the recent version
2013-10-09 Takashi Iwaiupmix: Add chmap support
2013-10-09 Takashi Iwaivdownmix: Add chmap support
2013-05-16 Jordi MallachAdd AM_MAINTAINER_MODE([enable]) to
2013-05-16 Jordi MallachCheck for and include libavutil.h to avoid unresolved...
2013-04-11 Jaroslav KyselaRelease v1.0.27 v1.0.27
2013-02-26 Sander Jansenpulse: pulse_pcm_poll_revents should return 0 on success
2012-11-30 Takashi Iwaia52: Fix build errors
2012-11-30 Takashi Iwaia52: Add the support of recent libavcodec / libavutil
2012-11-20 Rémi Denis... pcm_pulse: set prebuf parameter according to software...
2012-09-06 Jaroslav KyselaRelease v1.0.26 v1.0.26
2012-08-20 Andrew Eikumpulse: Support 24-bit formats
2012-07-31 Takashi Iwaiusb_stream: Fix build with glibc 2.16
2012-01-25 Jaroslav KyselaRelease v1.0.25 v1.0.25
2012-01-23 Jaroslav KyselaAdded missing configuration files for the pulse plugin
2012-01-09 Fons Adriaensenjack: Fix revents for playback
2011-09-27 Chris RankinSet CLOEXEC flag for pipes in PulseAudio plugins
2011-09-20 Colin Guthriepulse: Install a PulseAudio config snippet into alsa...
2011-08-26 Takashi Iwaipulse - Define a dummy PA_CHECK_VERSION() when not...
2011-08-23 Takashi Iwaipulse - only underrun if no more data has been written
2011-08-04 Kevin Rossjack: Fix hanging applications when using jack plugin
2011-07-27 Takashi Iwaipulse: Set PA_CONTEXT_NOAUTOSPAWN when fallback is...
2011-07-26 Takashi Iwaipulse: Add fallback option
2011-04-27 Colin Guthriea52: Fix build with older ffmpeg versions.
2011-04-26 David HenningssonPulse: Fix snd_pcm_avail returning 0 in some cases
2011-04-06 Joerg Reutera52 - Fix a52 codec with recent libavcodec updates
2011-01-26 Jaroslav KyselaRelease v1.0.24 v1.0.24
2010-11-17 Jaroslav KyselaFix README-jack (second channel)
2010-07-09 Takashi Iwaipulse: Add handle_underrun option
2010-06-24 David Henningssonpulse: Fix invalid buffer pointer return value
2010-04-16 Jaroslav KyselaRelease v1.0.23 v1.0.23
2010-02-22 Michaël Cadilhacusb_stream: Allow user-set period-size and rate
2010-02-22 Michaël Cadilhacusb_stream: Check for NULL-ness before dereferencing
2009-12-16 Jaroslav KyselaRelease v1.0.22 v1.0.22
2009-12-03 Christopher... upmix - Add 7.1 support
2009-11-27 Anssi Hannulaa52 - set channel layout with recent libavcodec
2009-11-27 Anssi Hannulaa52 - fix 5.1 channel order with recent libavcodec
2009-08-31 Jaroslav KyselaRelease v1.0.21 v1.0.21
2009-08-04 Lennart Poetteringpulse: immediately trigger EIO when connection is dropped
2009-08-04 Lennart Poetteringpulse: rework object destruction paths a bit
2009-08-04 Lennart Poetteringpulse: unify stream/context state checks
2009-08-04 Lennart Poetteringpulse: get rid of redundant state variable
2009-08-04 Lennart Poetteringpulse: move a couple of PCM related functions from...
2009-08-04 Lennart Poetteringpulse: replace manual mainloop by pa_mainloop_iterate()
2009-08-03 Lennart Poetteringpulse: call pa_threaded_mainloop_wait() to handle spuri...
2009-08-03 Lennart Poetteringpulse: unify destruction of snd_pulse_t
2009-08-03 Lennart Poetteringpulse: use PA_CONTEXT_IS_GOOD where applicable
2009-08-03 Lennart Poetteringpulse: get rid of a number of assert()s
2009-07-17 Takashi Iwaioss - Add missing initialization of fragments