hda-verb: Don't include sys/io.h for PPC
[alsa-tools.git] / ac3dec /
2012-01-23 Jaroslav KyselaMore build fixes (gtk1 check removal from echomixer...
2009-07-01 Takashi Iwaiac3dec - Fix typos of -q option
2008-11-30 Takashi IwaiRemove -Werror for ac3dec/tools
2008-10-24 Takashi Iwaiac3dec - Add missing -H option
2008-10-24 Takashi IwaiMerge branch 'master' of upstream
2008-10-24 Takashi Iwaiac3dec - Add -H option for HDMI
2008-09-09 Jaroslav KyselaAdded configure target to global Makefile and gitcompil...
2008-08-19 Jaroslav Kyselagitcompile: return error return code and add GITCOMPILE...
2008-06-03 Jaroslav Kyselahgcompile -> gitcompile changes (include README files)
2008-01-15 Jaroslav Kyselasupport for dynamic 2.0/5.1 AC3 changes - bug#3441
2007-10-15 Jaroslav KyselaChanged Jaroslav Kysela's e-mail from perex@suse.cz...
2007-06-04 Takashi IwaiAdd missing library dependency
2007-05-02 Jaroslav Kyselaac3dec - remove config.sub
2006-05-12 Takashi IwaiAdd hgcompile scripts
2006-04-07 Takashi IwaiFix exec permission of cvscompile and add .hgignore
2005-11-28 Takashi IwaiFix compile warnings
2005-11-16 Takashi IwaiFix compile error with the recent gcc
2004-06-22 Takashi IwaiFixed to support non-48k AC3 files.
2003-11-25 Takashi Iwai- moved usx2yloader firmwares to alsa-firmware module.
2003-11-05 Jaroslav Kysela- 1.0.0 version
2003-11-03 Takashi Iwai- don't ignore autogen.sh (included in tarball).
2003-05-16 Takashi Iwaiuse plug layer to allow the non-16bit PCM devices too.
2003-03-25 Takashi Iwaiinclude necessary header files explicitly.
2003-03-25 Takashi Iwaifixed compile warnings.
2003-03-25 Takashi Iwaiautoconf & automake clean up.
2003-01-08 Jaroslav KyselaFixed big-endian support
2002-10-24 Jaroslav KyselaUpdated for new automake
2002-10-22 Jaroslav KyselaUse new sw params API
2002-10-04 Takashi Iwairemoved unnecessary files from repository
2002-09-19 Jaroslav KyselaUpdated to latest alsa-lib PCM API
2002-08-31 Jaroslav KyselaRemoved acconfig.h by Pavel Roskin <proski@gnu.org>
2002-01-08 Takashi Iwaifixed -c option
2002-01-02 Takashi Iwai- fixed compile on ppc.
2001-12-30 Jaroslav KyselaUpdated GNU GPL (address)
2001-12-22 Jaroslav KyselaAdded 'Using PCM device' message
2001-10-04 Jaroslav KyselaModified according the latest power management update
2001-10-04 Jaroslav KyselaAdded suspend handling
2001-09-11 Jaroslav KyselaChanged location of asoundlib.h from sys dir to alsa...
2001-08-20 Jaroslav KyselaUpdates for package distribution.
2001-08-06 Jaroslav Kysela-Z needs an argument
2001-08-06 Jaroslav KyselaFixed bsmod value in AC3 header
2001-08-05 Jaroslav KyselaRemoved -Werror from CFLAGS
2001-08-05 Jaroslav KyselaAdded big-endian checking.
2001-07-30 Jaroslav KyselaAdded --card and --iec958r (raw IEC958 PCM).
2001-07-23 Jaroslav KyselaRemoved sw_params
2001-07-09 Takashi IwaiPass command line options to configure
2001-06-26 Jaroslav KyselaFix for piped AC3 stream
2001-06-25 Jaroslav KyselaAdded ferror test
2001-06-15 Jaroslav KyselaAdded missing parameter for output_spdif
2001-06-15 Jaroslav KyselaFixes against current library (s/pdif part)
2001-06-12 Jaroslav KyselaFixed against the current library
2001-06-06 Jaroslav KyselaAdded hack for EMU10K1 (to be removed)
2001-05-10 Jaroslav KyselaAdded signal handlers
2001-05-08 Jaroslav KyselaAdded better period_time setup to the ALSA output code.
2001-04-23 Jaroslav KyselaFixed typo
2001-04-22 Abramo BagnaraAdded missing include for memcpy prototype
2001-04-22 Abramo BagnaraAdded support for con/pro distinction. Fixed pcm_name use
2001-04-22 Jaroslav KyselaMore enhancements:
2001-04-19 Jaroslav KyselaRemoved -lm
2001-04-19 Jaroslav KyselaAdded AM_PATH_ALSA
2001-04-19 Jaroslav KyselaUpdated
2001-04-17 Jaroslav Kyselaac3dec tree updates.
2001-04-17 Jaroslav KyselaAdded ac3dec 0.6.1 with native ALSA driver.