2012-07-31 Takashi Iwaihda-verb: Don't include sys/io.h for PPC
2012-07-17 Jaroslav Kyselahda-verb: Add missing MYNAME definition for packaging
2012-04-27 Karsten Wieseusx2yloader: make fxload work without deprecated usbfs
2012-04-20 Takashi IwaiUpdate .gitignore for hda-verb
2012-04-20 Takashi IwaiConvert hda-verb to use automake
2012-04-20 Takashi IwaiAdd hdajackretask files to .gitignore
2012-04-20 Takashi IwaiImport hda-verb 0.4 to alsa-tools repo
2012-04-13 David Henningssonhdajackretask: Use autotools
2012-03-22 David Henningssonhdajackretask: Add new program for easy retask of hda...
2012-03-13 Raymond Yaualsa-tools: hwmixvolume - update README for au88x0
2012-01-25 Jaroslav KyselaRelease v1.0.25 v1.0.25
2012-01-23 Jaroslav KyselaRemove from Makefiles...
2012-01-23 Jaroslav KyselaMore build fixes (gtk1 check removal from echomixer...
2012-01-20 Jaroslav Kyselaenvy24control: support gtk1 only in
2011-07-29 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: Fix temporary RPM constant
2011-07-29 Adrian Knothhdsploader: Fix temporary RPM constant
2011-07-29 Adrian Knothhdsploader: Temporary define for RPM
2011-07-29 Adrian Knothhdsploader: Add support for RME RPM
2011-07-29 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: Add support for RME RPM
2011-04-14 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: Handle preset files used in 1.0.24 and 1...
2011-04-14 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: Handle channel count in old (v1.0.23) preset...
2011-04-14 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: Fix read/write from/to preset files on MADI...
2011-04-06 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: Initialize headphones out in presets
2011-04-06 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: Recall 1st preset on all cards, not just...
2011-04-06 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: Save preset before switching cards
2011-04-06 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: Add a 9th pseudo preset
2011-04-06 Tim Blechmannhdspmixer: fix drawing problems with black background
2011-03-28 Tim Blechmannhdspconf: more string constant fixes
2011-03-28 Tim Blechmannhdspconf: use foreground color instead of black
2011-03-28 Tim Blechmannhdspconf: fix some string constant conversions
2011-03-22 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: Update NEWS file.
2011-03-22 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: Save and restore level meter settings
2011-03-22 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: Use constant instead of hardcoded number...
2011-03-22 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: Improve pixmaps
2011-03-22 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: Fix toggle of master mute and solo buttons
2011-03-14 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: New pixmaps
2011-03-08 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: Show cardname in window title
2011-03-08 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: [cosmetics] Break code into logic blocks
2011-03-08 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: Fix code indentation
2011-03-08 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: Provide headphones out on Multiface/Digiface
2011-03-08 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: Introduce output channel count for all cards.
2011-03-08 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: Adjust playback channel count on Multiface.
2011-03-08 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: Fix preset activation segfault on AES(32)
2011-03-08 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: Replace hardcoded 3 by MAX_CARDS
2011-03-01 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: Fix labels on H9652
2011-03-01 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: Lower nesting depth in label assignment
2011-03-01 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: Make static destination maps extern
2011-02-28 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: Don't use hardcoded number of cards.
2011-02-28 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: Fix compiler warnings.
2011-02-28 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: Fix metering for non-MADI cards
2011-02-28 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: Fix ALSA snd_ctl_open error when running...
2011-02-28 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: Bump version number to 1.10
2011-02-28 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: Increase height of about window.
2011-02-28 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: Update FSF address.
2011-02-28 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: Improve code coherency
2011-02-10 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: Style and purity fixes for name arrays.
2011-02-10 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: Add RME HDSPe AES and AES32 support.
2011-02-07 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: Break overlong line and don't plenken.
2011-02-07 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: Beautification; Lower nesting depth
2011-02-07 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: Improve readability.
2011-02-07 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: retab and reindent code.
2011-02-07 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: Fix detection for non-MADIface RME cards
2011-01-28 Jaroslav KyselaRelease v1.0.24.1 v1.0.24.1
2011-01-28 Jaroslav Kyselahdspmixer: add missing channelmap.h to
2011-01-27 Jaroslav KyselaRelease v1.0.24 v1.0.24
2011-01-27 Adrian Knothhdspmixer: Don't use channelmap from hdspm.h
2011-01-10 Adrian KnothAdd support for RME MADI, RayDAT and AIO
2010-05-15 Georg Rudolphhdspmixer: Fix buffer overflow
2010-04-16 Jaroslav KyselaRelease v1.0.23 v1.0.23
2010-04-07 Jaroslav Kyselahwmixvolume: add hwmixvolume to EXTRA_DIST
2010-04-07 Jaroslav KyselaFix hwmixvolume gitcompile script (missing files)
2010-01-18 Clemens Ladischhwmixvolume: make scripts executable
2010-01-18 Clemens Ladischadd hwmixvolume
2009-12-16 Jaroslav KyselaRelease v1.0.22 v1.0.22
2009-10-06 Pavel Hofmanenvy24control: Changing the Multi Track Peak control...
2009-08-31 Jaroslav KyselaRelease v1.0.21 v1.0.21
2009-08-31 Jaroslav Kyselaqlo10k1: Fix usage of $x_libraries in acinclude.m4...
2009-07-01 Takashi Iwaiac3dec - Fix typos of -q option
2009-06-08 Takashi Iwaius428control - Fix array overflow
2009-05-29 Diego Elio... Also fix the configure for hdspconf for LIBS/LDFLAGS...
2009-05-29 Diego Elio... envy24control - Don't redeclare isblank().
2009-05-06 Jaroslav KyselaRelease v1.0.20 v1.0.20
2009-03-19 Giuliano Pochiniechomixer: little bug fix
2009-03-16 Giuliano Pochiniechomixer: Fix echomixer to work with the new drivers
2009-03-09 Giuliano PochiniALSA: echomixer, fix vmixer GUI
2009-01-19 Jaroslav KyselaRelease v1.0.19 v1.0.19
2008-11-30 Takashi IwaiRemove -Werror for ac3dec/tools
2008-11-13 Diego 'Flameeyes... Fix building of alsa-tools when using the --as-needed...
2008-10-29 Jaroslav KyselaRelease v1.0.18 v1.0.18
2008-10-24 Takashi Iwaiac3dec - Add missing -H option
2008-10-24 Takashi IwaiMerge branch 'master' of upstream
2008-10-24 Takashi Iwaiac3dec - Add -H option for HDMI
2008-09-09 Jaroslav KyselaAdded seq/gitcompile and seq/Makefile to tarball
2008-09-09 Jaroslav KyselaFix the gitcompile addition to EXTRA_DIST - echomixer
2008-09-09 Jaroslav KyselaAdded configure target to global Makefile and gitcompil...
2008-08-19 Jaroslav Kyselaimproved automake directory detection for echomixer...
2008-08-19 Jaroslav Kyselaimprove Makefile error paths, improve automake director...
2008-08-19 Jaroslav Kyselasb16_csp/gitcompile improve automake directory detection
2008-08-19 Jaroslav Kyselarmedigicontrol/gitcompile fixed typo
2008-08-19 Jaroslav Kyselamore gitcompile cleanups