Release v1.1.6
[alsa-utils.git] / speaker-test / speaker-test.c
2018-03-05 Takashi Iwaispeaker-test: Refactor the tone-generator codes
2016-12-07 Arnaud Pouliquenspeaker-test: Fix chmap wav file selection.
2015-09-17 Ken Benoitspeaker-test: fix option ordering
2015-07-17 Julian Scheelspeaker-test: Add option to specify signal scale
2014-09-24 Jaroslav Kyselaspeaker-text: fix simple signess assignment warning
2014-09-16 Takashi Iwaispeaker-test: Add missing draining at the end
2014-02-26 Erik Ackermannspeaker-test: add --force-frequency option to allow...
2013-11-12 Anssi Hannulaspeaker-test: Show out-of-chmap channels as Unknown
2013-11-12 Anssi Hannulaspeaker-test: Always show chmap channel names if available
2013-11-12 Anssi Hannulaspeaker-test: Fix chmapped channel selection without...
2013-06-14 David Henningssonspeaker-test: Fix wrong wave file played back in chmap...
2013-04-08 Jaroslav Kyselaspeaker-test: change the interrupt handling logic to...
2013-03-22 Jaroslav Kyselaspeaker-test: try to call snd_pcm_close() when a signal...
2013-01-17 Antonio Ospitespeaker-test: increase the maximum supported rate to...
2012-09-17 Takashi Iwaispeaker-test: Add support for channel mapping API
2010-10-17 David Henningssonspeaker-test: Don't retry after fatal errors
2010-08-18 Jaroslav Kyselaspeaker-test: add test pattern for PCM layer debugging...
2010-01-27 Jaroslav Kyselaspeaker-test: add fflush(stdout) to write_loop
2009-12-15 Jaroslav Kyselaspeaker-test: not all sample formats are supported...
2009-12-15 Jaroslav Kyselaspeaker-test: add -d (--debug) option to show PCM param...
2009-05-11 Dan McGeespeaker-test: only check byte order once
2009-05-11 Dan McGeespeaker-test: move existing endian macros up in the...
2009-05-11 Dan McGeeRemove dead/commented out code
2009-05-11 Dan McGeeAllow frequencies down to 30 Hz
2009-05-11 Dan McGeespeaker-test: allow frequency to be floating point
2009-02-20 Wu Fengguangspeaker-test.c - add readability comments to speaker...
2008-11-26 Takashi Iwaispeaker-test: Fix floating-point exception bug
2008-11-21 Diego E. 'Flameeye... Make some static tables and strings constants.
2008-11-21 Diego E. 'Flameeye... Remove some unused variables.
2008-11-13 Diego 'Flameeyes... Move conditional inclusion of locale.h further down.
2008-08-13 Jaroslav Kyselaalsactl - install initialization files
2008-04-28 Giuliano Pochinispeaker-test.c - fix pink noise generator on big-endian...
2008-04-21 Takashi Iwaispeaker-test.c - fix sine generator on big-endian archs
2008-01-08 Takashi IwaiRemove xfer_align
2007-11-05 Takashi Iwaispeaker-test - Put errors to stderr
2007-11-05 Takashi Iwaispeaker-test - Fix number of periods to play
2006-05-12 Takashi IwaiFix the default buffer size calculation in speaker...
2006-04-06 Takashi IwaiAvoid unnecessary drain/restart in speaker-test
2006-03-29 Takashi IwaiRemove loops after errors
2006-03-27 Takashi IwaiFix a typo in speaker-test help text
2006-03-24 Takashi IwaiFix missing commas
2006-03-24 Takashi IwaiImprove buffer/period set up in speaker-test
2006-03-21 Takashi IwaiAdd missing comma
2006-03-06 Takashi IwaiAdd --nloops option and fix manpage
2006-03-02 Takashi IwaiTentative fix for speaker-test WAV with 5 or more channels
2005-12-22 James Courtier-Duttonspeaker-test: Fix version reporting.
2005-12-14 Takashi IwaiFix compile on big-endian arch
2005-12-01 Takashi Iwaispeaker-test - Fix missing i18n
2005-11-30 Takashi IwaiAdd WAV file playback support to speaker-test
2005-11-19 James Courtier-DuttonMake speaker-test compatible with dmix by default.
2005-11-08 Takashi IwaiDisable NLS support when --disable-nls is passed
2005-10-31 Takashi IwaiFix compile with --disable-nls
2005-10-09 James Courtier-Duttonspeaker-test: Add support for testing FLOAT_LE format.
2005-08-13 James Courtier-DuttonCorrect buffer size choosing.
2005-06-23 Takashi Iwaii18nize some programs
2005-05-03 James Courtier-DuttonDon't use max volume
2005-05-03 James Courtier-DuttonFix speaker-test with -FS32_LE format.
2005-04-16 James Courtier-DuttonImplement order for 8-channel sound, arranged in 7...
2005-04-14 James Courtier-DuttonImplement Pink noise output.
2005-04-14 James Courtier-DuttonMinor updates. No functionallity changes.
2005-02-18 Takashi IwaiUpdate to speaker-tools 0.0.7
2004-05-16 Jaroslav KyselaJames Courtier-Dutton <>
2004-05-10 Takashi Iwaiadded speaker-test utility by James Courtier-Dutton...