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last changeWed, 14 Jan 2015 15:09:21 +0000 (16:09 +0100)
2015-01-14 Matthieu Crapetconfigure: allow contitional compilation of alsaucm master
2015-01-12 David Henningssonalsactl/init: Add "Line Out" to list of outputs to...
2015-01-12 David Henningssonalsactl/init: Change the "basic rules" description
2014-12-24 Jaroslav Kyselaalsactl: add missing state_unlock() call
2014-11-23 Takashi Iwaiamixer: Parse the value more strictly
2014-11-23 Takashi Iwaiamixer: Make "dB" case-insensitive in set commands
2014-10-01 Jaroslav KyselaRevert "aplay: fix pcm_read() return value"
2014-09-24 Jaroslav Kyselaalsactl: coverity - missing_va_end – va_end was not...
2014-09-24 Jaroslav Kyselamonitor: fix clang warning - Declared variable-length...
2014-09-24 Jaroslav Kyselaspeaker-text: fix simple signess assignment warning
2014-09-24 Jaroslav Kyselaalsactl: aded missing monitor() prototype
2014-09-24 Jaroslav Kyselaalsactl: Fix the file locking routines (for the state...
2014-09-16 Takashi Iwaispeaker-test: Add missing draining at the end
2014-08-22 David Henningssonalsa-info: Refactor "withall" logic
2014-08-22 David Henningssonalsa-info: Make sure all full script is run even with...
2014-08-12 Takashi IwaiAdd missing alsa-info entry to the root
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