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last changeTue, 21 Feb 2017 21:29:44 +0000 (22:29 +0100)
33 hours ago Alan Youngpcm: rate: Add capability to pass configuration node... master
5 days ago Awais Belalpcm: extplug: refinement of masks in extplug
5 days ago Andreas Papepcm: status dump fix timestamp formatting
5 days ago Timo Wischerpcm: file: Enable file writing for capture path
5 days ago Andreas Papepcm: direct: fix race on clearing timer events
5 days ago Timo Wischerpcm: dmix_rewind corrupts application pointer fix
12 days ago Takashi Iwaipcm: dmix: Allow disabling x86 optimizations
13 days ago Takashi Iwaipcm: Disable locking in async mode
13 days ago Takashi Iwaipcm: Avoid lock for snd_pcm_nonblock()
2017-02-07 Takashi Iwaiconf: Add card config for Intel HDMI/DP LPE audio
2017-01-27 Takashi Iwaipcm: multi: Drop the fixed slave_map[] in snd_pcm_multi...
2017-01-25 Manohar Narkhedeconf/cards: add support for pistachio-card.
2017-01-24 Liam Girdwoodtopology: Fix incorrect license in source comments.
2017-01-18 Mengdong Linucm: Add command 'get _file' to get the config file...
2017-01-18 Mengdong Linucm: Load device-specific configuration file based...
2017-01-18 Mengdong Linucm: Assure the user input card name not to exceed...
2 months ago v1.1.3 Release v1.1.3
6 months ago v1.1.2 Release v1.1.2
10 months ago v1.1.1 Release v1.1.1
15 months ago v1.1.0 Release v1.1.0
23 months ago v1.0.29 Release v1.0.29
2 years ago v1.0.28 Release v1.0.28
3 years ago v1.0.27.2 Release v1.0.27.2
3 years ago v1.0.27.1 Release v1.0.27.1
3 years ago v1.0.27 Release v1.0.27
4 years ago v1.0.26 Release v1.0.26
5 years ago v1.0.25 Release v1.0.25
6 years ago v1.0.24.1 Release v1.0.24.1
6 years ago v1.0.24 Release v1.0.24
6 years ago v1.0.23 Release v1.0.23
7 years ago v1.0.22 Release v1.0.22
7 years ago v1.0.21a Release v1.0.21a
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