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last changeMon, 5 Oct 2015 21:43:29 +0000 (23:43 +0200)
43 hours ago Takashi Sakamotohwdep: add FireWire digi00x/tascam driver support master
5 days ago Takashi Iwaipcm: ladspa: Fix segfault due to a wrong channel reference
2015-09-23 Mengdong Lintopology: Add API to set a vendor specific version...
2015-09-23 Khem Rajbuild: Do not try to detect cross-compiler
2015-09-08 Takashi Iwaitopology: pcm: Remove unused variables
2015-09-08 Takashi Iwaitopology: parser: Add missing return value to snd_tplg_...
2015-09-08 Takashi Iwaitopology: data: Fix wrong size check in tplg_parse_data...
2015-09-08 Takashi Iwaitopology: ctl: Fix access type checks
2015-09-08 Takashi Iwaitopology: builder: Fix possibly uninitialized variable...
2015-09-08 Takashi Iwaipcm: route: Remove bogus ! in snd_config_get_id() checks
2015-09-08 Takashi Iwaipcm: ioplug,extplug: Fix logic errors in type checks
2015-08-24 David Henningssonpcm: Fix doxygen for two enums
2015-08-12 Mengdong Lintopology: A API calls to directly build topology data...
2015-08-12 Mengdong Lintopology: Add C templates structure for building topolo...
2015-08-12 Liam Girdwoodcore: add convenience macros to local.h
2015-08-11 Liam Girdwoodtopology: rename OBJECT_TYPE_ to SND_TPLG_TYPE_
7 months ago v1.0.29 Release v1.0.29
15 months ago v1.0.28 Release v1.0.28
2 years ago v1.0.27.2 Release v1.0.27.2
2 years ago v1.0.27.1 Release v1.0.27.1
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