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last changeTue, 7 Oct 2014 16:13:27 +0000 (18:13 +0200)
2014-10-07 zombahconf/ucm: PAZ00: add Toshiba AC100/Dynabook AZ new... master
2014-09-23 Takashi Iwaimixer: Fix missing hctl handle free in snd_mixer_attach...
2014-09-23 Renu Tyagipcm: return negative value in case of error
2014-09-23 Renu Tyagicontrol: return negative value in case of error
2014-09-23 Renu Tyagiconf: return negative value in case of error
2014-09-23 Renu Tyagipcm_hooks: null check for h
2014-09-23 Renu Tyagisocket: missing socket close
2014-09-23 Renu Tyagisimple_abst: null check for lib
2014-09-23 Renu Tyagipcm_share: fixing missing mutex unlock
2014-09-23 Renu Tyagirawmidi: close handle h
2014-09-23 Renu Tyagisbase: fixed missing free
2014-09-23 Renu Tyagipcm_file: fixed missing free
2014-09-23 Renu Tyagimixer: fixed double free
2014-09-17 Takashi Sakamotohwdep: add missing declaration for snd_hwdep_poll_descr...
2014-09-16 Alexander E... pcm, rate: hw_avail must not be negative before startin...
2014-09-16 Jaroslav Kyselapcm route: Fix the bad condition (always false)
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