descriptionALSA library plugins
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last changeSat, 15 Jul 2017 07:48:36 +0000 (09:48 +0200)
2017-07-15 Kui Wangpulse: prevent double-free when pulse_hw_constraint... master
2017-05-12 Jaroslav KyselaRelease v1.1.4 v1.1.4
2017-05-03 Takashi Iwaiconfigure: Fix detection of avcodec.h
2017-02-17 Mounesh Sutarconfigure: enhancing configuration support for alsa...
2016-03-31 Jaroslav KyselaRelease v1.1.1 v1.1.1
2016-03-09 Daniel Kirchnera52: Fix usage of obsoleted avcodec_*_frame() functions
2016-02-17 Anatol Pomozova52: Make compatible with ffmpeg 3.0
2016-01-28 Tanu Kaskinenpph: include config.h from rate_speexrate.c
2016-01-12 Tom Yana52: fix reported input channel order
2015-11-09 Takashi Iwaispeex: Add missing include config.h
2015-10-27 Jaroslav KyselaRelease v1.1.0 v1.1.0
2015-08-11 Valentin Corfujack: Fixing a small memory leak
2015-07-09 Takashi Iwaipph: Fix build with older speex
2015-07-09 Tanu Kaskinenpph: include speexdsp_types.h, not speex_types.h
2015-05-30 Khem Rajarcam-av: Include sys/select.h for fd_set definition
2015-05-18 Alex Wigginspulse: Add 24 bit data formats to Pulse plugin.
4 months ago v1.1.4 Release v1.1.4
17 months ago v1.1.1 Release v1.1.1
22 months ago v1.1.0 Release v1.1.0
2 years ago v1.0.29 Release v1.0.29
3 years ago v1.0.28 Release v1.0.28
4 years ago v1.0.27 Release v1.0.27
5 years ago v1.0.26 Release v1.0.26
5 years ago v1.0.25 Release v1.0.25
6 years ago v1.0.24 Release v1.0.24
7 years ago v1.0.23 Release v1.0.23
7 years ago v1.0.22 Release v1.0.22
8 years ago v1.0.21 Release v1.0.21
8 years ago v1.0.20 Release v1.0.20
8 years ago v1.0.19 Release v1.0.19
8 years ago v1.0.18 Release v1.0.18
9 years ago v1.0.18rc3 Release v1.0.18rc3
2 months ago master